LOCK Is the Key to the Evolution of Envilope

Cryptocurrency is a space too often defined by its worst examples, from outright pyramid schemes to vaporous tokens backed by nothing more than greed and slick marketing. It’s an unfortunate side effect of an exciting and, for many developing nations and industries, a much needed new technology that offers a new world of possibilities across a seemingly endless range of government, business, and person-to-person sectors.

Envilope is proud to offer a fully tested and working product with necessity and a profound mission. In this current climate of crypto confusion and suspicion, however, Envilope is even prouder to offer a new digital token backed by such a product and with real utility built into its core.

Envilope is committed to bringing individual privacy back to the lives of people around the world. By offering everyone a blockchain-based virtual Envilope with military-grade encryption that can securely hold virtually any form of digital content or communication, the Envilope mission is to change the way the world sends content online.

It is a bold, broad undertaking, and one that requires both the company and their technology to constantly evolve. The threats to user privacy, data, and identity are always evolving. Envilope offers a solution to protect sensitive data.

It’s with that philosophy at the core of their company values that Envilope will launch their LOCK token. It is Envilope’s goal to offer a high-utility token that will have immense value and drive the Envilope ecosystem.Those interested in joining and supporting Envilope’s new online privacy revolution should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more, and to contact an Envilope representative today.

Envilope Isn’t Just a Competitive Edge It’s the New Sword

Whether you call it a business advantage, the competitive edge, or superior leverage, every company in every conceivable commercial and industrial space is constantly seeking to one-up the competition, particularly in ways that can be marketed directly to their customer base.

Many experts will tell you the best competitive edge a business can have is superior customer service, and yet even the definition of what constitutes good customer service is shifting in the current climate. Automation is no longer seen as a hindrance to good customer service. While person-to-person communication will always be valued, today’s savviest consumers want to deal with businesses that possess the strongest, most efficient, and most user-friendly apps.

In an age of business fueled by applications and online platforms, the competitive edge possessed by any company is more and more coming down to the third-party services they implement and use every day. There seems to be myriad applications for every day-to-day business function, and each choice made by a business to meet that need matters.

Envilope is proud to offer a suite of online business solutions unmatched by any other product servicing the many sectors we occupy simultaneously. Secure sending of your company’s communications, project media, and customer data is only the beginning. Envilope technologies and products offer the features today’s privacy-minded consumer and compliance-seeking business client wants and needs the most.

Making Envilope your in-house online sending solution is also marketing that writes itself. Being able to offer your client base the unprecedented all-in-one benefits of Envilope as part of your package will become a major selling point that helps convert prospects into customers.

Organizations looking for a true next-generation competitive edge should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about Envilope’s products and services, and to contact an Envilope representative today.

Transparency and Security: The Future Will Be Delivered in an Envilope

The burden of transparency, privacy, and security on companies that deal with the public, and the personal data of their customers, has never been higher, and related regulations look to clamp down even further in the future.

The European Union has completely rewritten the rules for organizations, including private businesses and public services, that collect, process, and send personal customer data. In the United States, the FCC has instituted more and more robust transparency requirements aimed at empowering consumers.

With all of this in mind, more and more companies (and, more importantly, their potential clients) are requiring Forced TLS (Transport Layer Security, a protocol that ensures privacy between communicating applications and their users on the Internet. When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message) in all of their online communications and file sharing.

No other current product or service goes as far as Envilope, or encompasses as many features under one platform, to help you provide the level of transparency and security in all of your online sending that is more and more becoming both a business and government requirement.

From Envilope’s immutable blockchain-backed recording and tracking to our customized terms and conditions for opening and viewing content to the ability to vaporize sent content anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, Envilope will become the indispensable InfoSec tool for companies whose livelihoods are built on customer data and sending online.

Organizations that want to meet the data sending requirements of the future should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about Envilope’s products and services, and to contact an Envilope representative today.

Wrong Turn in Brazil: The Envilope Solution

Marc Weintraub is a New York finance industry veteran and forensic data discovery specialist. He’s also been an Envilope user for over five years. He often recalls an early event that forever sold him on the value and necessity of Envilope as the solution to all of his and his client’s online sending needs.

A finance client of Marc’s emailed sensitive information to a compliance group. The compliance group in-turn attempted to forward that email to another department. They made a mistake, however. It was a simple mistake, one anyone anywhere in the world might make on any given day, but in this case it had nearly catastrophic consequences. The staff member forwarding the email entered the wrong extension.

The email, containing all of its sensitive files, ended up in Brazil and in the hands of a completely unrelated third party. This unintended recipient recognized what they had and soon contacted Marc’s client. The recipient demanded twenty-five thousand US dollars, or they would send the information to a rival company.

Most people in this high-stakes situation would find themselves over a barrel and possibly without recourse.

Marc’s client, however, had sent their original email in an Envilope.

Returning the potential blackmailer’s call, Marc’s client not only refused the despicable demand outright, they vaporized the email’s content with the touch of a button right before the unintended recipient’s eyes, irrevocably erasing any trace of that sensitive internal information from the would-be blackmailer’s possession.

Marc’s client then hung up, confident in the knowledge the matter was resolved, and leaving the confused Brazilian man listening to a dial tone.

“It’s a product that just works,” Marc still marvels to this day. “The first time I saw it in action I said, ‘Holy mackerel, this is hot stuff!’ “

In today’s global corporate landscape, a simple IP address error can cost you more than millions of dollars; it can cost you your entire business. If the content you’re sending online isn’t being carried in an Envilope, you’re leaving yourself and your livelihood vulnerable to attack.

To learn more about how Envilope will be there when you and your content need rescuing, visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ today.

Envilope Has the Secure Sending of Data in the New EU All Sealed Up

Envilope Has the Secure Sending of Data in the New EU All Sealed Up

The current climate is one of intense change, and even temporary chaos, for businesses and public services whose livelihoods and mandates are bound to the collecting, processing, and secure sending of the personal data of European Union residents.

The deadline of May 25th, 2018 for compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching. These new regulations almost completely redefine what constitutes sensitive and private data, aiming to strengthen protection for individuals against invasive and exploitative practices that would gain or use their data to harmful effect.

Danny James, Director at Anderson Young Recruitment, suggests that, “Envilope has the ability to allow certain users access to certain data for a privileged amount of time and/or for certain purposes. Should that personal data end up in the wrong hands or for the wrong reasons it can be instantly vaporized. If the information should only be held for a defined period of time, the information can vanish as soon as this deadline is reached. Envilope gives the user the power and ownership of their own data.”

One of the most stringent areas of these new guidelines will impact the standards to which an organization’s security is held when collecting, processing, and transmitting the data of EU residents.

Envilope finds itself uniquely positioned to meet the needs of organizations seeking fast and reliable solutions to GDPR compliance. By providing these organizations with a military-grade encryption tool for sending all of their collected personal data, Envilope has the ability to meet the standards of GDPR and keep its users compliant from the moment they upload content to their first fully customized and secure virtual envelope.

Impacted organizations still falling outside GDPR compliance will want to act fast by visiting https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help them, and to contact a representative of Envilope..

Envilope Keeps Biometric Data as Secure as Any Password

Envilope Keeps Biometric Data as Secure as Any Password

In this age of biometric security, information about an individual’s health and genetics are every bit as valuable to online thieves as credit card numbers. As much as your government-issued identification, your body is your identity, and in the same way your financial and personal identity can be stolen online, your biological and genetic details can also now be pirated by savvy digital con artists.

One of the goals of the European Union’s new General Personal Data Regulation is to expand the definition of what constitutes an individual’s personal information online to include and protect this precious biological data.

While this adds an exciting new and much needed level of security to the individual’s existence online and in their daily lives, it also places added burdens on private industries and public services that collect, process, and transmit data related to their customers’ health and genetics. Finding new solutions to the heavily increased standards of privacy and security being placed upon them will be costly, complicated, and time consuming.

Dr Loven Ganeswaren, UK dentist, trainer, and technology champion, suggests that, “The dentist-patient relationship in the UK is still conducted via print form, requiring signatures which are scanned onto a database and stored to conform to legislative GDC standards. The amount of paperwork a dentist has to endure in a typical visit is time consuming, dated, and environmentally inefficient. The lack of security in the transfer of sensitive data from dentist-patient to dentist-specialist limits electronic communication between these groups at the risk of data leakage and breach of confidentiality. There is currently no tracking system in place to monitor the progress of referrals and such like.”

There does exist, however, a ready-made alternative free of those negative side effects.

Before the drafting of the EU’s new data regulations, Envilope’s products and services were originally conceived to meet the standards and needs of industries driven by sending even the most sensitive of personal data, such as information about medical health. With a history in healthcare stretching back over twenty-five years of securing, protecting, and maintaining clinical audit trails, Envilope finds itself in familiar waters. With the onset of GDPR, Envilope is uniquely positioned to provide compliance solutions to industries such as healthcare and biometric security firms that no other product or service can fully match.

Organizations affected by GDPR should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help their compliance, and to contact a representative of Envilope.

Envilope Keeps the Record Clear

Envilope Keeps the Record Clear

Keeping your company or public service’s records in order when it comes to collecting, processing, and transmitting personal data isn’t just good practice. Failing to do so in the new European Union data security environment will now come with the heaviest of fines and consequences.

In the wake of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the regulations for maintaining a clear and unaltered record when transmitting the collected data of EU residents have never been stricter or carried more severe penalties.

Mark Holleran, lawyer and founder of Lithium Capital, suggests that, “For organizations that fall under GDPR’s purview, failure to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation can result in a fine of up to twenty million euros (Euro 20,000,000) or a percentage of their global turnover, not to mention compensation claims for damages suffered by those whose data was compromised.”

It is Envilope’s goal to alleviate the pressures of these new regulations by providing organizations that collect, process, or otherwise transmit the personal data of EU residents with an easy, fast, and immutable solution to keeping those all-important records and data trails.

Envilope’s patented BlockStamping process utilizes the latest in blockchain technology to create unalterable records of data transmissions. More than that, it allows users to be in total control of their sent data from end-to-end. That means control of who can view that data, when they can view it, and under what terms and conditions. And, if a breach of privacy is suspected, they have the ability to vaporize that data on-command.

Organizations affected by GDPR should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help, and to contact a representative of Envilope.

Your Company Doesn’t Need Upgraded InfoSec; It Just Needs an Envilope

Your Company Doesn’t Need Upgraded InfoSec; It Just Needs an Envilope

“InfoSec” is Internet shorthand for “information security,” and it is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording, or destruction of information. It is perhaps the single online sector that affects every segment of user and individual.

Yet despite many companies and public services relying heavily on the concept to conduct their day-to-day business, surprisingly few are ready to cope with the European Union’s new InfoSec requirements.

Under General Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), any company or public service that collects, processes, or transmits the personal data of European Union residents is now required to continuously monitor and execute a level of online security the standards of which many organizations are simply not equipped to meet. Upgrading your company’s internal InfoSec can be an an immensely costly and complicated process. The alternative is employing third-party products or services to handle those requirements for your organization. However, reliability becomes a massive variable in that proposition, while the issue of prohibitive cost remains.

Phil Cordey, who designed, built, and managed the Security Operations Centre for the Bank of England, and who currently serves as Inchcape Plc’s Group Head of IT Security, suggests that, “Organizations need to focus on the task at hand, namely the primary principles that govern GDPR compliance, and ensure that they adopt best practice to meet the guidelines.”

Envilope is proud to be the alternative to the alternative.

Envilope takes pride in placing military-grade encryption at its users fingertips with price packages customized to a range of users that spans individuals, small business, global corporations, and government entities. Envilope has also designed its products and services to be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time, creating a fast, easy, and reliable solution to the compliance issues faced by organizations that fall under GDPR guidelines.

Organizations affected by GDPR should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help, and to contact a representative of Envilope.