The Blockchain

Communication Service

They say privacy is a thing of the past. We say it’s the future


Envilope is a virtual envelope in which you can lock an email, digital file, or secure message containing images, audio, video, or text—anything that can be sent online. Envilope gives senders unprecedented control over their content, including who views it, when, and where. An Envilope can only be opened by its intended recipient, and only after acceptance of the sender’s terms and conditions. If you ever suspect a breach, you can entirely vaporize your content at will, regardless of how many times it has been sent, shared, or forwarded. You also have the ability to fully restore that vaporized content should you see fit. Put simply, the sender of an Envilope is in total control of their information from end-to-end. They say privacy online is a thing of the past. Envilope believes it’s the future.

What goes in an Envilope? Everything.

Any form of digital content – music, movies, documents, multimedia files and anything that can be sent digitally – can be sent via Envilope.

Envilope gives senders unprecedented privacy and control over their content including who, when and where it is viewed. Blockchain recorded deliveries provide unparalleled privacy and security to the user.

Envilope is fully working. It is a Government Approved Crown Supplier with military-grade encryption in transit and at rest, continually tracking, controlling, and securing user’s content.

Where we’re going, there’s no competition. Comparable doesn’t equal competition.

Envilope can be compared to four major industry sectors: secure messaging, secure email, digital signature, and data rooms. The plan is to consolidate these sectors into one new product. Envilope is capable of performing every task undertaken by these current products while adding additional features. This places Envilope in a category unto itself.

The pricing model to use the Envilope services includes free, paid, small business, large business and enterprise solutions. Envilope is a G-Cloud approved seller. The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the UK government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services such as Envilope. This makes it simple for public sector organizations to purchase our services.

Governments, telecommunications companies, and companies in the financial, insurance, legal, healthcare, marketing and entertainment industries are all interested in Envilope. And, worldwide, there’s an estimated 100+ million potential users in the entertainment and telecom industries alone.
Who can use Envilope? Everyone. Anyone. If you send electronic communications, you can use Envilope.

Envilope can help you meet GDPR requirements.