Envilope Keeps the Record Clear

Keeping your company or public service’s records in order when it comes to collecting, processing, and transmitting personal data isn’t just good practice. Failing to do so in the new European Union data security environment will now come with the heaviest of fines and consequences.

In the wake of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the regulations for maintaining a clear and unaltered record when transmitting the collected data of EU residents have never been stricter or carried more severe penalties.

Mark Holleran, lawyer and founder of Lithium Capital, suggests that, “For organizations that fall under GDPR’s purview, failure to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation can result in a fine of up to twenty million euros (Euro 20,000,000) or a percentage of their global turnover, not to mention compensation claims for damages suffered by those whose data was compromised.”

It is Envilope’s goal to alleviate the pressures of these new regulations by providing organizations that collect, process, or otherwise transmit the personal data of EU residents with an easy, fast, and immutable solution to keeping those all-important records and data trails.

Envilope’s patented BlockStamping process utilizes the latest in blockchain technology to create unalterable records of data transmissions. More than that, it allows users to be in total control of their sent data from end-to-end. That means control of who can view that data, when they can view it, and under what terms and conditions. And, if a breach of privacy is suspected, they have the ability to vaporize that data on-command.

Organizations affected by GDPR should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help, and to contact a representative of Envilope.