Envilope Keeps Biometric Data as Secure as Any Password

In this age of biometric security, information about an individual’s health and genetics are every bit as valuable to online thieves as credit card numbers. As much as your government-issued identification, your body is your identity, and in the same way your financial and personal identity can be stolen online, your biological and genetic details can also now be pirated by savvy digital con artists.

One of the goals of the European Union’s new General Personal Data Regulation is to expand the definition of what constitutes an individual’s personal information online to include and protect this precious biological data.

While this adds an exciting new and much needed level of security to the individual’s existence online and in their daily lives, it also places added burdens on private industries and public services that collect, process, and transmit data related to their customers’ health and genetics. Finding new solutions to the heavily increased standards of privacy and security being placed upon them will be costly, complicated, and time consuming.

Dr Loven Ganeswaren, UK dentist, trainer, and technology champion, suggests that, “The dentist-patient relationship in the UK is still conducted via print form, requiring signatures which are scanned onto a database and stored to conform to legislative GDC standards. The amount of paperwork a dentist has to endure in a typical visit is time consuming, dated, and environmentally inefficient. The lack of security in the transfer of sensitive data from dentist-patient to dentist-specialist limits electronic communication between these groups at the risk of data leakage and breach of confidentiality. There is currently no tracking system in place to monitor the progress of referrals and such like.”

There does exist, however, a ready-made alternative free of those negative side effects.

Before the drafting of the EU’s new data regulations, Envilope’s products and services were originally conceived to meet the standards and needs of industries driven by sending even the most sensitive of personal data, such as information about medical health. With a history in healthcare stretching back over twenty-five years of securing, protecting, and maintaining clinical audit trails, Envilope finds itself in familiar waters. With the onset of GDPR, Envilope is uniquely positioned to provide compliance solutions to industries such as healthcare and biometric security firms that no other product or service can fully match.

Organizations affected by GDPR should visit https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help their compliance, and to contact a representative of Envilope.