Cryptocurrency is a space too often defined by its worst examples, from outright pyramid schemes to vaporous tokens backed by nothing more than greed and slick marketing. It’s an unfortunate side effect of an exciting and, for many developing nations and industries, a much needed new technology that offers a new world of possibilities across a seemingly endless range of government, business, and person-to-person sectors.

Envilope is proud to offer a fully tested and working product with necessity and a profound mission. In this current climate of crypto confusion and suspicion, however, Envilope is even prouder to offer a new digital token backed by such a product and with real utility built into its core.

Envilope is committed to bringing individual privacy back to the lives of people around the world. By offering everyone a blockchain-based virtual Envilope with military-grade encryption that can securely hold virtually any form of digital content or communication, the Envilope mission is to change the way the world sends content online.

It is a bold, broad undertaking, and one that requires both the company and their technology to constantly evolve. The threats to user privacy, data, and identity are always evolving. Envilope offers a solution to protect sensitive data.

It’s with that philosophy at the core of their company values that Envilope will launch their LOCK token. It is Envilope’s goal to offer a high-utility token that will have immense value and drive the Envilope ecosystem.Those interested in joining and supporting Envilope’s new online privacy revolution should visit to learn more, and to contact an Envilope representative today.