Whether you call it a business advantage, the competitive edge, or superior leverage, every company in every conceivable commercial and industrial space is constantly seeking to one-up the competition, particularly in ways that can be marketed directly to their customer base.

Many experts will tell you the best competitive edge a business can have is superior customer service, and yet even the definition of what constitutes good customer service is shifting in the current climate. Automation is no longer seen as a hindrance to good customer service. While person-to-person communication will always be valued, today’s savviest consumers want to deal with businesses that possess the strongest, most efficient, and most user-friendly apps.

In an age of business fueled by applications and online platforms, the competitive edge possessed by any company is more and more coming down to the third-party services they implement and use every day. There seems to be myriad applications for every day-to-day business function, and each choice made by a business to meet that need matters.

Envilope is proud to offer a suite of online business solutions unmatched by any other product servicing the many sectors we occupy simultaneously. Secure sending of your company’s communications, project media, and customer data is only the beginning. Envilope technologies and products offer the features today’s privacy-minded consumer and compliance-seeking business client wants and needs the most.

Making Envilope your in-house online sending solution is also marketing that writes itself. Being able to offer your client base the unprecedented all-in-one benefits of Envilope as part of your package will become a major selling point that helps convert prospects into customers.

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