Marc Weintraub is a New York finance industry veteran and forensic data discovery specialist. He’s also been an Envilope user for over five years. He often recalls an early event that forever sold him on the value and necessity of Envilope as the solution to all of his and his client’s online sending needs.

A finance client of Marc’s emailed sensitive information to a compliance group. The compliance group in-turn attempted to forward that email to another department. They made a mistake, however. It was a simple mistake, one anyone anywhere in the world might make on any given day, but in this case it had nearly catastrophic consequences. The staff member forwarding the email entered the wrong extension.

The email, containing all of its sensitive files, ended up in Brazil and in the hands of a completely unrelated third party. This unintended recipient recognized what they had and soon contacted Marc’s client. The recipient demanded twenty-five thousand US dollars, or they would send the information to a rival company.

Most people in this high-stakes situation would find themselves over a barrel and possibly without recourse.

Marc’s client, however, had sent their original email in an Envilope.

Returning the potential blackmailer’s call, Marc’s client not only refused the despicable demand outright, they vaporized the email’s content with the touch of a button right before the unintended recipient’s eyes, irrevocably erasing any trace of that sensitive internal information from the would-be blackmailer’s possession.

Marc’s client then hung up, confident in the knowledge the matter was resolved, and leaving the confused Brazilian man listening to a dial tone.

“It’s a product that just works,” Marc still marvels to this day. “The first time I saw it in action I said, ‘Holy mackerel, this is hot stuff!’ “

In today’s global corporate landscape, a simple IP address error can cost you more than millions of dollars; it can cost you your entire business. If the content you’re sending online isn’t being carried in an Envilope, you’re leaving yourself and your livelihood vulnerable to attack.

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