Envilope Has the Secure Sending of Data in the New EU All Sealed Up

The current climate is one of intense change, and even temporary chaos, for businesses and public services whose livelihoods and mandates are bound to the collecting, processing, and secure sending of the personal data of European Union residents.

The deadline of May 25th, 2018 for compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching. These new regulations almost completely redefine what constitutes sensitive and private data, aiming to strengthen protection for individuals against invasive and exploitative practices that would gain or use their data to harmful effect.

Danny James, Director at Anderson Young Recruitment, suggests that, “Envilope has the ability to allow certain users access to certain data for a privileged amount of time and/or for certain purposes. Should that personal data end up in the wrong hands or for the wrong reasons it can be instantly vaporized. If the information should only be held for a defined period of time, the information can vanish as soon as this deadline is reached. Envilope gives the user the power and ownership of their own data.”

One of the most stringent areas of these new guidelines will impact the standards to which an organization’s security is held when collecting, processing, and transmitting the data of EU residents.

Envilope finds itself uniquely positioned to meet the needs of organizations seeking fast and reliable solutions to GDPR compliance. By providing these organizations with a military-grade encryption tool for sending all of their collected personal data, Envilope has the ability to meet the standards of GDPR and keep its users compliant from the moment they upload content to their first fully customized and secure virtual envelope.

Impacted organizations still falling outside GDPR compliance will want to act fast by visiting https://tokensale.envilope.com/ to learn more about how Envilope’s products and services can help them, and to contact a representative of Envilope..